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Jul 23, 2011 2:00pm EDT
1965 and 1971 wars against india allied pakistan with the united states in, what i believe, was the misnamed war on terror. certainly it was a war against al qaeda and president musharraf was our ally. he allowed u.s. troops access to pakistan military bases and airports as well as other support. it was, and remains, a turbulent time. the good news was the serious effort in educational reform and these things that are now stalled because of a more recent development. the embarrassing news was the discovery in 2005 that the father of pakistan's nuclear bomb sold technology to north korea and elsewhere. then there were the protests by the legal community about the below the -- validity of the 2007 election and the horrifying assassination of bhutto. events since have been more challenging. the takedown of osama bin laden, something that we all applaud, has exposed deep conflicts. the government recently ordered 200 special forces trainers to leave the country which resulted in a suspension by the obama white house of $800 million in u.s. military aid. yesterday, congress has taken a m
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Jul 23, 2011 3:00pm EDT
. some years ago i went to india and interviewed a boss there. he was a social i-and party had been in charge of that parts of india for years but despite the poverty he should have seen all around him, he said the free market and american capitalism are no good. >> political boss of india that i visited, it's not surprising this is the poorest part of country. >> it's poor because of your stupid policy, no? >> socialism just works better? >> that interview was done years ago. he and his party continued to rule and plan for another dozen years only this may after indian voters got upset watching businesses and jobs flee to other parts of india did they vote the socialist government out, overwhelmingly. but the socialists ruled for decades because central planning makes sense to people. life is complex we can't pay attention to everybody. we have lives. of our intuition tells us someone should be in charge. what would be the economy be like if no one was in charge? well, it would be pretty good actually. certainly better than one is centrally planned. look at this list of countries. the
Jul 23, 2011 1:00am PDT
very optimistic about india. it thinks it can sell a lot of mining equipment this because of coal mining. and it's also very bullish on latin america. >> tom: it's our mid west bureau chief tonight from chicago, diane os strks erbroork. >> you're welcome tom. >> tom: in addition to caterpillar, three more big multi-national companies reported earnings. general electric saw profits up 21% while sales picking up in china and india. earnings were better than expected and the company is sticking with its forecast for double digit growth this year. another global conglomerate, honeywell had a 40% jump in profits, earnings were better than expected thanks to its aerospace electronics business. honeywell called the global industrial outlook very good. and the golden arches see green. mcdonald's second quarter profit was up 15% as it successfully raises prices to make up for higher commodity prices. mcdonald's shot up more than 2%. the best gain in the dow industrials putting it at an all-time high today. and with that, let's get to the market focus. with all those big companies and dow c
Jul 23, 2011 11:00am EDT
-educated employees their competitors in china and india and singapore and other countries can. and believe me they are producing more college graduates. this is a bleak future but it does not have to be hopeless. there's a tendency even within our community to throw up our hands at the challenge to regard large numbers of low-income children of color as the on hope. i am here to say not only that there is hope but there are solutions. take the challenge of helping low income children of color go to college and stay through graduation. for more than a decade unc and a bill and melinda gates foundation have partnered on the scholars program. each year this program awards good through graduation scholarships to 1,000 low-income students of color. african-americans and hispanics and american indians and after more than a decade after granting 14,000 of these scholarships gates scholars have a five your graduation rate of 88%, double the number of non students of color. a six your graduation rate of 90%. much higher than the overall national graduation rate and comparable to the graduat
Jul 22, 2011 6:00pm PDT
trust bottled water. >> reporter: at gaylord india, they only serve san francisco tap at the table because it's all diners ask for. >> beside the wine, water. >> people like 3.5 glasses per person every day. the water. and nobody has ever complained that this water is not tasty. >> reporter: the puc says 85% of the water that reaches its customers will be uv treated and in san francisco, that number jumps to nearly 100%. >> parasites. >> reporter: but in san francisco, there is always dissent. >> research and find out exactly what you're drinking. >> reporter: in san francisco, robert lyles, cbs 5. >>> okay. you want to get away? airline ticket prices may be about to plunge. the exact time to book and how much you can save. >>> the final chapter for borders. everything must go. the ad promises big discounts but are you really saving money? cbs 5 consumerwatch shops around. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> tonight a san jose man is behind bars caused of selling phony vacation packages. police arrested tony tron thai yesterday the owner of asia travel & tours in san jose. consumerwatch was first t
Jul 23, 2011 2:30pm EDT
country has. even in hollywood india being the new black, i'm sorry, we have a unique perspective that no one else has because of our history. and we can write from that perspective. jewish people l have always had the outsider perspective, they have a unique perspective in their humor that they bring everywhere that's unique to their culture. but that's what we have here in america. no one else has our experience. so we can talk about it. we know the white culture better than they know the black culture. i mean, that's another story. there you go, i'm done. nig at night. >> that's a black thought. [laughter] >> jan? >> no, i mean, i would absolutely echo that, and i think, you know, just like it's very interesting how, you know, i look at a show like a "sex in the city," you know, every sister i know we would look at that show, and we would see ourselves in that show, and i know white women who can look at girlfriends and see themselves in that show. like larry was saying, we have these very common experiences, we have a unique perspective, but, you know, women dating and can relation
Jul 22, 2011 11:00pm EDT
conclude? india for distinguished what mrs.? >> going back to the issue of the pattern of practice and in the kennedy, the perpetrators of crimes, a lot of them are very well aware of who they are. the perpetrators of crimes and attacks against the churches, the individuals that participate in the tortured and state security, but we do in these people come and apply for visas to the united states? was there some sort of a mechanism we could use to prevent them from entering the united states? is there some sort of a tool? we know who they are. we have their names. i remember back in 2007, if i may just make a comment about this. it was january, 2007. the -- this extremist islamic cleric was granted a visa by the united states to enter the united states. this may and openly on his web site supports jihad, and our government gave him a visa to the united states. i've done an interview on msnbc and read the quote right off of his website. they gave him a visa to here, and at one point in time i heard, i don't know if it is true, that he was exiled from egypt, so this radical person ha
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)